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People are joining every day to change their lives.

They have different reasons, but everyone wants a better future.

Let the personal testimonies of people who have joined, loved our products and services, convince you to join so you can be more successful.

You too can benefit from the Daily PEP-Talk emails and other services.

"I have changed"

"Since I started reading those wonderful books and emails everyday and listening to those short motivational talks, I have really changed as a person and have been encouraged to face challenges. They have helped boost my career too. Thanks." - Katrina Shiningavamwe

"These PEP-TALKS are fantastic!"

"I am a manager and I do a morning meeting every day, and these PEP-TALKS are fantastic! Thanks so much." - Sabrina Micali - Flightcentre

"They are very motivational"

"I have really benefited from the Daily PEP-Talk emails. They are very motivational, very real, and apply to everyday life." - Faghmeeda Coenraad - Bidvest Bank

"Empowering and Enlightening"

"Your PEP Talks are so empowering and enlightening." - Razia Jacobs - Auto and General Insurance

"Short but sweet"

"I have enjoyed the fact that the emails were short. And because they are not too detailed, you can read them again and again. They are a constant reminder of how to do what. 'Short but sweet' and therefore very effective!" - Gabi Marnewick - Rennies Bank

"I can put this to good use!"

"I have enjoyed the vastness of the topics covered. I did not really think I needed help or motivation in a certain area until the PEP-Talk covered it and then I thought 'Hey this is really great info which I can put to good use!'" - Tamara Chambi - Business Owner

"Simple, but profound!"

"Lovely message, thank you - simple, but profound!" - Ingrid Borgelt - Re/Max Properties

"Every day's message was applicable"

"For some unknown reason, nearly every day's message was applicable to the specific situations of that day! At times when I was tempted to follow the old route, the message for the day helped me to see the situation in a new perspective and helped me handle it more effectively." - JS De Kock - Sanlam Manager

"The solutions become simple"

"These PEP-Talk e-mails are direct and powerful with just enough information to get the message across. They help one focus on the essence (the nitty-gritty) of various situations - they cut to the chase and the solutions become simple and easy to apply." - Gene Farmer - Avroy Shlain

"The greatest tools are the affirmations"

"I think that the greatest tools are the 3 affirmations. The fact that they accurately reflect the message for the day is brilliant. It is therefore easier to log them into your brain and repeat them throughout the day." - Clive Chase - Broll Property Group

"Without them I would have been lost"

"Today I had to give a speech. I was so nervous. My hands felt wet. But when it was my time to speak, I just made it short and sweet. And, guess what, some people told me that I am a natural speaker. Wow! I am so thankful that I read all your motivations. Without them I would have been lost." - Gail Rosier - Corpnet

"These are helping me right now!"

"Can't tell you how much these are helping me right now! I appreciate what you are doing for everyone out there." - Carol Coezter

"It really puts you a step ahead of the pack"

"I have really benefited from the affirmations. It really puts you a step ahead of the pack. It makes you trust yourself and your judgement. It also gives you a positive self image." - Jacques Briel - Executive Manager - Blue Chip Finance

"Much appreciated"

"Thank you, this is so encouraging and motivating, really inspired and lifted my spirits today. Much appreciated. Thank you." - Vim Reddy - Brabys

"I felt better for it"

"You get to work and you are feeling down. Then comes your Pep talk and you realize that is me hes talking about. I have followed your advice and felt better for it. Thanks so much, Arnfried." - Cheryl van Kradenburgh - Accounts - Alnet

"I would be honoured"

"Your messages have inspired me during the last month to really grow, to better myself and to make sure that I am the best I can be ! Thank you for that ! I would also be honoured to keep on receiving your messages. Regards." Pieter de Beer - Business Owner


"Wow - thanks - very inspiring - many thanks this is much appreciated.
Am I allowed to share this with my friends ?" - Peter Nell - Snr Advisor Human Resources Development - Koeberg Nuclear Power Station

"It does not matter where you are in life"

"I enjoy the fact that the messages are relevant and practical. It doesn't matter where you are in life and what you do for a living, they can be used to help you be better and achieve more." - Lesley Myberg - Acorn Distributor

"I applied this in my marriage"

"I loved the practical techniques. The constructive communication is a great help too. I applied these ideas in my marriage - and it works. I also loved the audio & video clips." - Lynette Booysen - Transnet

"Inspiring messages"

"Dear Arnfried. Thank you for your continued motivational support and your inspiring messages." - Lindsay von Kalckreuth - Rohms Consulting

"Your messages have really touched my life"

"Thanks so much for your motivational messages. I have come to realize that I have a purpose in this world and that I can't let life's experiences get me down. Your messages have really touched my life and " - Chanell Okkers - Sanlam

"Each challenge is there to grow my faith!!"

"You guys are God-sent, I promise you. These words have lifted me up as I'm facing a tough situation like in one of the statements below!!! Thank you for helping me realize that I have more to offer and each challenge is there to grow my faith!!" - Mbulelo Qwele

"I'm not scared to stand up for myself anymore"

"Thank you for everything. Your motivation and inspirational messages have helped me a lot in the past few days. I'm slowly developing good new habits. I've taken the initiative to make things happen and I'm not scared to stand up for myself anymore." - Stephanie Tape

If you are ready to start your journey to greater success...


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