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Daily Motivation



Daily Motivational PEP-Talk Emails

To help you become MORE SUCCESSFUL we will send you daily PEP-Talks, encouraging and inspiring emails (weekdays only).

We can all use a daily boost of encouragement and motivation. It's like having a good friend give you a short call, every day and motivating you.

    I have most certainly enjoyed the fact that the emails were short. I made a point of reading and absorbing the content of every single one. And because they are not too detailed, you can read them again and again. I would recommend the Daily PEP-Talks. “Short but sweet”, and therefore very effective! – Gabi Marnewick – Rennies Bank

    (See more testimonies here)

Every day you will be encouraged and reminded about a powerful success principle that will bring you more happiness and success in your career and relationships.
The Daily PEP-Talks:

  • Build you up
  • Share ideas to help you in your career
  • Make you feel better and more positive about your future
  • Share strategies to improve your relationships
  • Make you laugh
  • Give you practical tools to get more out of life
  • Empower you to handle tough situations you may face
  • Help you improve your confidence
  • Help you become more assertive
  • Give you confidence in resolving conflicts
  • Give you the keys to wealth creation
  • And much, much more!

    "Nearly every day's message was applicable to the specific situations of that day! At times, when I was tempted to follow the old route, the message for the day helped me to see the situation in a new perspective and helped me handle it more effectively."
    – JS De Kock – Sanlam Manager

Each month there is also a motivating video to focus on an aspect of your life where you could have greater victory, success and fulfillment.
And a monthly, motivational Audio clips taken from my motivational talks that inspire you to be the success you were born to be.

Our daily PEP-Talk emails are short and practical so that you can read them quickly, and can easily apply a success principle in your life every day.


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