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Audios and Videos


1477 We have tons of audios and videos for you to download depending on your membership level.

Monthly Audios and Videos

Every month you receive a link to a downloadable video and audio via email. These are entertaining, inspiring and helping you live a more successful life.

Listen to the Motivational Audio on Releasing Your Potential

The Audio Track of the course "You've Got the Power" based on my Motivational Talk, on releasing your awesome potential will guide you to become more of what you were born to be.

You'll also be able to download the eWorkbook.

Born to Win

Motivational Audio "Born to Win" and eWorkbook.
These will launch you into a life of success.

These keys will:

  • Help you see yourself as the Winner you are
  • Give you more confidence to try new things
  • Help you understand true success
  • Show you how to set motivating goals
  • Guide you on planning to achieve your goals
  • Show you how to improve your relationships
  • Equip you to influence others
  • Give you a clear road map for a life of achievement

You receive this 72-minute audio plus a 30-page workbook that will launch you into a life of success when you upgrade to Bronze Member.

Motivational Audios to download

We have motivational and leadership audios by top motivational speakers that you can download and be inspired by.

An inspirational Video eBook

This "e-Book" contains 9 inspirational videos that you can view.

Little Book of Inspiration by White Dove

Action Blueprint Audios

The only way you can EFFECTIVELY reach your goals is to design your own personal BLUEPRINT for goal achievement.

The truth is the BLUEPRINT for goal realization and achievement is one that YOU must create or you'll continue to see life's dreams pass you by. The good news is you can create your own Success Blueprint by following an easy eight-step formula.

As you'll see this is not another fluffed up and drawn out book, course, CD or guide that will take days or weeks before you see the results. In 11 short pages you'll be able to draft and design your perfect lifestyle?

Download or just listen to the Action Blueprint audios to help you reach your goals.

Achieving Beyond your Limits

Discover the secrets that will take you to the next level of success!

Have you ever wished you could achieve a certain thing, something so great, so... WOW!
But when you really thought about doing it, or others encouraged you to do it, you laughed it off, thinking that it would never happen. “Not in your wildest dreams”, you thought. “It is a limit that is just way beyond me.” But imagine if you could just reach that impossible sales target, if you could start that business, write that book, if you could just transform that difficult relationship, if you could get your health or your weight to that perfect level. That would be awesome.

You CAN!

Achieving Beyond your Limits
is a motivational audio and video presentation, that will help you to go beyond what you have thought possible.


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