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The following Upgrade Fees need to be paid to upgrade your membership.
This can be paid by Cellphone Banking, Internet Banking, Cash Deposit at the Bank teller or Cardless Cash Deposit at the ATM.

Upgrade Fees:

Continuous membership & services with a monthly debit order on your bank account.

  • Bronze Upgrade Fee: R99 (covers 1st month, then R 79/month)
  • Silver Upgrade Fee: R169 (covers 1st month, then R 139/month)
  • Gold Upgrade Fee: R289 (covers 1st month, then R 249/month)
  • Platinum Upgrade Fee: R539 (covers 1st month, then R 499/month)

++ Please note the Cash Deposit Fees below.


We debit you monthly via ONE the following:

  • A South African bank account,
  • A Namibian bank account,
  • SA Postbank accounts,
  • For Swaziland citizens, only via FNB accounts.

We offer 3 debit order deduction dates:

  • 1st working day of the month
  • The 15th of the month
  • The 26th of the month

When you upgrade you will be able to select the date that suits you best.


The following Cash Deposit Fees MUST BE PAID WHEN PAYING CASH:

  • FNB Cardless Cash deposit at the ATM - R0 (Yes, R0). This is the preferred option for fastest upgrade completion.
  • ABSA Cash deposit at the bank - R30,
  • ABSA Cardless Cash deposit at the ATM - R30,
  • FNB Cash deposit at the bank - R30

I look forward to welcoming you as a new member of Be Motivated Today.

Kind Regards

Arnfried Klein-Werner

Motivator & Founder - Be Motivated Today


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