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Why do some people's lives just seem to work out so much better?

  • Their career is fulfilling.
  • Their friendships and relationships are blossoming.
  • They live in beautiful homes.
  • They go on expensive holidays.

There are certain keys, that will guarantee the success you were born for.

You were Born to Win

I will reveal these keys to you in my Motivational Talk called "Born to Win".

You have immediate access to this life-changing Motivational Talk as soon as you upgrade to Bronze Member.

These keys will:

  • Help you see yourself as the Winner you are
  • Give you more confidence to try new things
  • Help you understand true success
  • Show you how to set motivating goals
  • Guide you on planning to achieve your goals
  • Show you how to improve your relationships
  • Equip you to influence others
  • Give you a clear road map for a life of achievement

You receive this 72-minute audio plus a 30-page workbook that will launch you into a life of success when you upgrade to Bronze Member.

Release your Awesome Potential

Listen to the Audio course "You've Got the Power" based on my Motivational Talk, on releasing your awesome potential. Use the practical workbook to release all that's inside you.

Become Ready for Financial Success

This 4-part audio course will prepare you to succeed financially.

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As a Paying Member you receive all the following products and services that help you achieve balanced success.

  1. To help you become MORE SUCCESSFUL: Daily PEP-Talks, encouraging and inspiring emails that help you apply what is taught in the Born to Win audio. We can all use a daily boost of encouragement and motivation.
    It's like having a good friend give you a short call, every day and motivating you.
  2. I have most certainly enjoyed the fact that the emails were short. I made a point of reading and absorbing the content of every single one. And because they are not too detailed, you can read them again and again. I would recommend the Daily PEP-Talks. “Short but sweet”, and therefore very effective! – Gabi Marnewick – Rennies Bank

    (See more testimonies here)

Every day you will be encouraged and reminded about a powerful success principle that will bring you more happiness and success in your career and relationships.
The Daily PEP-Talks:

    • Build you up
    • Help you reach your goals
    • Share ideas to help you in your career
    • Make you feel better and more positive about your future
    • Share strategies to improve your relationships
    • Make you laugh
    • Give you practical tools to get more out of life
    • Empower you to handle tough situations you may face
    • Help you improve your confidence
    • Help you become more assertive
    • Give you confidence in resolving conflicts
    • Give you the keys to wealth creation
    • And much, much more!

    "Nearly every day's message was applicable to the specific situations of that day! At times, when I was tempted to follow the old route, the message for the day helped me to see the situation in a new perspective and helped me handle it more effectively." – JS De Kock – Sanlam Manager

2. Short, monthly, Motivating Videos to focus on an aspect of your life where you could have great victory, success and fulfillment.

3. Monthly Motivational Audio clips taken from my motivational talks that inspire you to be the success you were born to be.

4. e-Workbooks:

    • On Your Marks, Get Goals, Get Going!! Feel the exhilaration of achieving your objectives. You get a clear guide on how to set goals and make the plans to achieve those goals. Plus I'll help you to overcome the barriers that prevent you from achieving your dreams.

    • Secrets of Self-motivation. Motivate yourself every day, or when you are tempted to quit. With all that life throws at you, there is little wonder that at times it is difficult to motivate yourself. This workbook will give you over 100 ideas and techniques to help you stay self-motivated.

    • Are you managing to Stay Stressed? Enjoy peace and balance with the techniques and strategies in this practical workbook that will guide you to manage your stress effectively.


Download 20 personal development e-books.

Higher Membership Levels receive more Products and Services


97 Steps To a Happy Relationship

Start improving your marriage and relationships today using these daily tips.

There are hundreds of things you can do to better your relationship. To help get you headed in the right direction we have chosen 97 ways to build, strengthen and enhance your relationship.

Unshakable Self-Confidence

Confidence is one of those things that seem like a catch-22. If you don’t already have a certain measure of self-confidence, it’s difficult to become more confident.

This guide will walk you through a simple process to build your confidence. (And it will be easier than you think!)

Family Budget

The amazing secret to creating a family budget that leads you out of debt, fills your savings accounts, and escorts you to your next vacation!

Within this 50 page guide, I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to turn past money-management mistakes upside down. You’ll discover all the tricks, tips, and techniques for putting yourself on the fast track to financial security.

Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage!

If you saw the emotional turmoil portrayed in the movies War of the Roses and Kramer vs. Kramer, you’d probably think twice about divorce. Unhappy individuals who believe that ending their marriage would make them happier are often living a myth.

This book will save you a lot of heartache and sorrow.

Making Time Work for You

Time Management is one of the most important skills you will ever learn in relation to achieving your goals.

When you can focus the use of your time on your most important goals, you will hold a vital key for success.

Learn how to become a true master of your own destiny!

See full list here.

These empowering products and services will take you to the next level of success.

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  1. Your own website and full access to our unique system that helps you build wealth valued at R150/month.
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  2. You benefit from our unique wealth building strategies:
    • Team Support Strategy - You are helped and supported by a mentor and coach so you will succeed.
    • Leadership Strategy - Leaders who work smart and add value become wealthy. We'll show you how.
    • Upgrade Income Booster Strategy - You are promoted and earn more.

  3. Step-by-Step Success, video and audio training program, to help you start and build your business from day one.

  4. Business Motivational Audios. These help you develop a business mindset and guide you in how to build and run your business effectively.

  5. Leadership Program*. Leaders become wealthy. Our Leadership Program helps you develop your leadership skills so that you can lead your team to achieve the financial success they are looking for. In the process you become successful.
    (* From Gold Membership upwards)

  6. And much more.

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